The Last Android





In a distant future, artificial intelligence has taken over and humanity is pushed to the brink of extinction. The machines are controlled by the evil "Main Frame" and you are the last hope to stop it. Explore the abandon ruins of the precious civilization, find this evil "Main Frame" and shut it down.

Project Details

  • Genre: Top-Down, Exploration
  • 8 weeks development (Half Time)
  • Created in school engine
  • Written in C++
  • Levels created in Tiled
  • 5 Programmers
  • 2 Level Designers
  • 3 Graphical Artists





Gameplay Mechanics

  • Character animations
    • Implemented character animations for the player and the enemies, such as, Run, Attack, Death and Respawn.
  • Enemies
    • Implemented enemy death.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Implemented AI behavior
    • Added and iterated on enemies movement and attack pattern in order to improve to gameplay experience.


  • Added particles
    • Implemented particles for when the player attacks.
    • Implemented particles for when the enemy takes damage.

System Support

  • Implemented Blackboard
    • Added a Blackboard to the engine in order to facilitate communication between different systems.

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