Venture into space on an epic adventure, slay waves of enemies and regain control of the space station! You are the last, best hope for humanity!

Project Details

  • Genre: Space Shooter
  • 10 weeks development (Half Time)
  • Created in our own engine
  • Written in C++
  • Scripts written in Lua
  • Levels created in Unity
  • 5 Programmers
  • 2 Level Designers
  • 3 Graphical Artists
  • 3 Technical Artists



Component Based System

  • Developed a component based system
    • Being the first game project created in this self-made engine we decided to make a logical easy-to-use foundation in form of a component based system.
  • Entity builder
    • Created an entity builder to support easy implementation of new game objects, in form of game entities.

    Gameplay Mechanics

    • Implemented aim-lock
      • Implemented and iterated on the players ability to lock the aim-cursor to enemies when aiming close to them.
    • Player controls
      • Continuously iterated on the player controls to improve the gameplay experience.
      • Created data driven player metrics to support, easy-to-tweak, numbers from json-files.
    • Enemy light on sight
      • Implemented line of sight for the enemies to avoid them from shooting the player while behind cover.


    • Implemented octree
      • Added an octree to the engine in order to maximize performance and make it easy to get all close-by game objects to a position.
    • Used octree for collision detection
      • Used the octree to optimize collision detection by getting all local static collision spheres in the player vicinity instead of checking player collision versus all static objects in the game.

      Artificial Intelligence

      • Implemented a State-Machine
        • Added a State-Machine for the enemy behavior and iterated on it to get the desired gameplay experience.


      • Player and shooting collision detection
        • Implemented and iterated on collision detection for the player as well as the shooting collision detection for both enemies and the player.



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