As the greatest hacker of our time, you delve into your own system to purge it from corrupted data. Find the bugs, eliminate them!

Project Details

  • Genre: First-Person-Shooting
  • 10 weeks development (Half Time)
  • Created in our own engine
  • Written in C++
  • Scripts written in Lua
  • Levels created in Unity
  • 5 Programmers
  • 2 Level Designers
  • 3 Graphical Artists
  • 3 Technical Artists



Gameplay Mechanics

  • Player collision detection
    • Implemented support for the player versus environment collision detection to alter the players movement accordingly.


  • Implemented floor/roof collision logic
    • Implemented and iterated on collision between the player and plane colliders on the floor and the roof.
  • Implemented swept collision logic
    • Implemented and iterated on collision between the player and wall colliders in order to get smooth collision with expected behavior.
  • Created colliders using Unity data
    • Used plane and OBB collider data from unity in order to create plane colliders for the game.


  • Navigation mesh
    • Use data received from Unity to construct a navigation mesh built with unique triangles and sorted them into a quadtree.
  • A-Star
    • The pathfinding uses the current enemies position as a start point and then receives an input as an end point (if it is on the nav-mesh). Then, using the triangles of the nav-mesh, finds the closest path with the help of the A* algorithm. 
  • Digesting duck funnel
    • In order to exclude unnecessary waypoints returned from A* the path needs to be optimized. This is done by using a funnel algorithm.
  • Pathfinding edge-cases
    • If the enemy were to choose a point outside the nav-mesh the enemy character will find and pathfind to the closest point inside the nav-mesh.


  • Optimized pathfinding
    • Implemented quadtree to optimize the performance of enemies pathfinding on a navigation mesh.
  • Optimized collision
    • Implemented quadtree to optimize the performance of the players collision checks. The game contains a total of over 1200 colliders and it's imperative that we maintain a smooth gameplay experience.



Player movement and collision!


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