Dragon Rage





As the youngest of four princes, ride your dragon into battle and claim the throne for yourself. None will stand in your way of ruling the entire kingdom, not even your brothers.

Project Details

  • Genre: Shoot-em-up
  • 8 weeks development (Half Time)
  • Created in school engine
  • Written in C++
  • 3 Programmers
  • 2 Level Designers
  • 3 Graphical Artists



Gameplay Mechanics

  • Character animations
    • Worked with the implementation of animations for all characters. The characters consists of the player, with attack and move animations, the enemies, with the same set of animations, and the bosses who all consists of a unique set of attack and movement animations.
  • Enemies/Bosses
    • Implemented and iterated on several enemies behavior in form of movement and attack pattern.
    • Implemented and iterated on all six unique bosses. This includes animations, movement and attack patterns, feedback and data driven numbers.
  • Feedback
    • Implemented player/enemy take damage feedback.
    • Implemented boss death feedback.
    • Implemented boss 'spawn-in'-attack visual feedback.
    • Implemented collectibles visual feedback.

Level Design Support

  • Data driven numbers
    • Implemented data driven, easy-to-tweak, numbers read from json-files for the level designers to work with.


  • Implemented absorption particle from boss to player.
  • Implemented blood particles.
  • Implemented explosion particles.

All bosses in the game!


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