The sacred forest has been corrupted by and ancient evil. Use your sword, 'Cure', to save all life from the spreading disease. Find the source of this evil and end it, once for all.

Project Details

  • Genre: Platformer
  • 8 weeks development (Half Time)
  • Created in school engine
  • Written in C++
  • Levels created in Maya
  • 4 Programmers
  • 2 Level Designers
  • 3 Graphical Artists



Gameplay Mechanics

  • Environment interaction
    • Implemented interaction with the environment in form of ledge climb, wall jump and wall slide.
  • Enemies
    • Implemented killable enemy entities
  • Player death and respawn
    • Implemented player health and death. When the player dies the character creates a "grave token" that's visible after respawn. This way the player can keep track of where he/she has died.
  • Character animations
    • Implemented all character animations for the player such as Run, Jump, Attack, Wall Climb, Wall Slide, Glide, Death, Respawn, among others. Also implemented all the animation for the enemies and the players companion.
  • Interaction with companion
    • Iterated on the players interaction with the companion. The companion can pick up and throw the player as well as carry the player to create a parachute-like gliding mechanic. 
  • Player controls
    • Implemented and iterated continuously on the player controls for both keyboard and X-box controller during the entirety of the project to create a smooth gameplay experience.


  • Player versus environment collision logic
    • Implemented and iterated on player versus the environment collision interaction using OBBs. This consists of player walking, ledge climbing, wall jumping, wall sliding collision detection.
  • Player versus enemy collision logic
    • Implemented and iterated on enemies collision versus the player as they shoot or collide with the player. Also worked with the players collision as they strike an enemy or interact with a pick-up.


  • Created particles
    • Used an existing particle engine to create particle effects and implemented these effects to shape a more immersive experience.

Level Design Support

  • Data driven numbers
    • Implemented data driven, easy-to-tweak, numbers read from json-files for the level designers to work with.

Fluent player movement is key!


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